I truly believe that once people know, they too cannot sit back and do nothing.

“Through this project I am able to be an agent of change not only to my immediate community but to individual lives all around the world.”

I instantly thought about my family. What if something happened to my sister or to one my cousins? Would I do everything in my power to get them back?



 Meet our new

Board Member

Brittany Prahl 

…a resident of Columbia SC who has already been an amazing volunteer for us, is joining our board and furthering our efforts to end sex trafficking in the upstate and South Carolina. Brittany, with experience in finance, design, and nonprofit, is a Database and Design Specialist for the Baptist Foundation of South Carolina and will be such a blessing to our team! 

A few years ago after visiting a friend overseas, my eyes were opened to the epidemic of human trafficking. The fact that human trafficking is not something just taking place around the world, but also in my own back yard, was horrifying. God used that trip to not just educate me, but spur me on towards action. Since that day I have had the pleasure of being able to volunteer with Project4One by designing various promotional pieces and participating in events like Color4One. Project4One is where ending human trafficking begins. Through education and awareness, Project4One is helping to open eyes to human trafficking just like mine were. I truly believe that once people know, they too cannot sit back and do nothing. Ending human trafficking requires all of us, and I’m excited to be a part of an organization that is shifting our culture into action.

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