Josh Holt

Executive Director
Board member since 2015.

My sophomore year at Wofford College I had just begun to enter into the reality of human trafficking. I had seen a movie and did some research online to only realize the harsh reality; human trafficking is not only happening overseas but in our own backyard. It wasn’t until my junior and senior year that I decided that this no longer can keep going unnoticed.

So, I decided to dive head first into the world of human trafficking. I began to, in a sense, bear the burden of these victims until my heart utterly broke. Now, I tell every one of our volunteers their first step is to do their research. To spend hours upon hours of looking at images on top of images and reading articles and statistics because it isn’t until then that they see the despair and depraved condition of the human sex trade. Project4One is not just a name. It’s a story. During my senior year of college I held an exhibit for a few of my art pieces. All of the proceeds from this exhibit went to help victims of human trafficking. A few months after the exhibit I received a picture in the mail while I was studying abroad. It was of a young girl that had been rescued from the sex trade with the money I donated. It was at that moment and time I knew I would give my life to this. The essence of Project4One was birthed in that very moment. Project4One started because of my one, and her name is Meriam

Kaleb McDaniel

Board member since 2015

A few years back Project4One wasn’t even a thought for Josh and I. In the summer of 2014 we met for coffee and Josh said, “I need you to commit to something before I even tell you about it.” I did and Josh presented the idea of creating our own non-profit to help fight human trafficking in our state and internationally. I instantly thought about my family. What if something happened to my sister or to one my cousins? Would I do everything in my power to get them back? The answer way a resounding yes. I then thought about these people who were taken from their homes. Do their families have the opportunity to fight back? Can they actually do something? For the most part when these people are taken they are lost forever because no one is capable of fighting for them. That’s when I realized that Josh and I had a responsibility to help as many people as we can. Project4One is about giving hope to those who don’t have it. Helping to fix a corrupt world that we live in and providing a way home for people who were taken. I believe in what we do and know through our leadership and with God’s help we can accomplish the impossible.

Jeremy Holt

Board member since 2016.

Finding purpose in life can be a difficult task to accomplish. I often wondered if what I am doing makes a difference, not only in my life but in the lives of others. Martin Luther King Jr. was quoted once, saying “Life’s most urgent question is, what are you doing for other?” a very convicting yet provoking message. I have learned that the times in my life were I have served others proved to be my most prized experiences. Serving others to improve their way of life is the underlying principle of Project4One. Through this project I am able to be an agent of change not only to my immediate community but to individual lives all around the world.

Heather Abolfathi

Board member since 2017

Through one of my coworkers and fellow board member, Jeremy Holt, I was introduced to his brother Josh and Project4One. After hearing their hearts for human trafficking, I knew I wanted to help in some form. You hear about human trafficking happening around the world, but you never want to think that something so awful is taking place right where you live. In fact, I have learned from Project4One that the upstate area has become a central hub for human trafficking. I feel compelled to be involved with Project4One for this reason, but also because sexual abuse is an issue close to my heart. I have seen first-hand the psychological and physical affects it can have on the people you love, and it’s heartbreaking.
Early on, I had the pleasure to volunteer with the inaugural Walk4One by handing out healthcare information, and also at their second walk as a photographer. I’m excited to continue to use my passion for photography as well as my creative skill set to help bring awareness to this issue in our community, and eventually help give back a voice to those who have been silenced, shamed, and had their innocence taken away. Project4One’s amazing mission to bring this dark issue into the light is essential and necessary in starting the conversation about human trafficking and making people aware that this issue is not just overseas, but very prevalent in our area.

Tony Sonzari

Board member since 2016

It was in 2016 when I met Josh Holt through volunteering at our local Church, we immediately became close friends.  I kept noticing him wearing this grey wristband with Project4one printed on it.  I kept thinking it’s probably some fitness thing and didn’t pay it much attention.  That was until he was wearing the T-shirt.  So I asked a question that you may be asking yourself right now; “What is Project4one?”  Well the answer changed my perspective in a way that I knew God wanted me to get involved.  You see the answer to this question made me ask; What if my daughter? What if my son? What if someone I loved was trapped in human trafficking and used as a drug mule or a sex slave?  I couldnt just sit idley by and do nothing. I had to do something. I have learned that Project4one is the “something” that allows those who are enslaved to be set free.  So if you’re asking yourself, “what is Project4one?” I urge you to come find out.

Brittany Prahl

A few years ago after visiting a friend overseas, my eyes were opened to the epidemic of human trafficking. The fact that human trafficking is not something just taking place around the world, but also in my own back yard, was horrifying. God used that trip to not just educate me, but spur me on towards action. Since that day I have had the pleasure of being able to volunteer with Project4One by designing various promotional pieces and participating in events like Color4One. Project4One is where ending human trafficking begins. Through education and awareness, Project4One is helping to open eyes to human trafficking just like mine were. I truly believe that once people know, they too cannot sit back and do nothing. Ending human trafficking requires all of us, and I’m excited to be a part of an organization that is shifting our culture into action.